My art practice focuses on reconnecting to the inner child’s joyful sense of play. From 2016-2019, I worked primarily with ceramics to build a large family of imaginary friends inspired by my subconscious mind. I found that working with clay, due to its unpretentious and therapeutic qualities, was an easy entry-point to begin making artwork after a long hiatus.

Feeling like an outsider is a large theme in my artwork. I celebrate this alien-ness by making strange figures: nature spirits that are part flower-part human, amorphous buddhas, and blobby ceramic fertility statues. The initial allure of ceramics was the spontaneous ways in which the glazes mixed. I’m recreating this unpredictable process in 2D by allowing watercolor and salt to blend organically on paper, revealing the landscapes of my inner world. I’m led by the materials and working purely from imagination.