“antenna” is a project which I unknowingly began when I was 8-years-old. I had a white, ceramic unicorn nightlight with a golden horn. It was a treasured object that I would make wishes on… until the horn broke one day. My young self was devastated thinking that no one would hear my wishes anymore now that the antenna was broken.


When I started working with ceramics in 2016, I re-created the unicorn—this time with a horn twice the size of its body. The small sculpture which I named “antenna”, was my way of repairing the wish-giving abilities of my broken magical toy.

A serendipitous conversation in 2019 planted the seed in my head to make my first large-scale sculpture. I created a kickstarter campaign to fund the upscaling of “antenna” out of fiberglass and it was successful!

The final 7-foot-tall sculpture—the centerpiece of a solo installation named “Horn of Plenty”—was exhibited at the Fort Worth Community Art Center in Texas (2019). It was a shrine dedicated to the human imagination, consisting of a unicorn flanked by 50+ of my ceramic sculptures.

“antenna” (or “uni” as I nicknamed it) sat in my living room throughout the pandemic until it was purchased by collectors in 2021. Fitting for a unicorn, it’s final resting place is in a forest where the owners are building an A-frame cabin to house it…

The sale of the sculpture allowed me to rent my first out-of-home studio and I used half of the proceeds to create the Antenna Grant, which offers funding & mentorship to young women of color in the arts. To learn more about the Jersey City-based grant or to offer support, please click here.

The other off-shoot of “antenna” was an illustrated book called “Horn of Plenty”, which I wrote & illustrated (originally published by Friend of the Artist in 2020). It’s a book for both children and adults about how a unicorn lost and found it’s horn, and is a fable about rediscovering one’s imagination.

Alex Scott for believing in me and driving a truck full of fragile ceramics across the country, Jonas Concepcion & Nick Kirk for upscaling my artwork, the 100+ Kickstarter backers for funding this statue, Jon Levy for giving me my first solo installation, Raymond for planting a seed, and the Firestones for giving my unicorn a home.