SPRING/BREAK Art Fair 2022

SPRING/BREAK Art Fair is an NYC/LA-based contemporary art fair in which curators work with select artists to transform generic office spaces into “over-the-top” immersive art installations. In 2022, I was invited by curators, Deep Space Gallery, to participate in their ideation for SPRING/BREAK’s 2022 theme “Naked Lunch”.

For this grand-scale project, I collaborated with artists TF Dutchman, Rebecca N. Johnson, and Deming King Harriman to create a modern day Salon for bohemians, healers, and atypical muses. We named this invented place “Drink the Sun” and designed it to be a vessel for community, nature, and the warmth of our senses.

We spent the entire summer feverishly creating new bodies of work: an array of textiles, glassworks, paintings, and ceramics for our installation. My particular contribution was a tablescape of terra cotta vessels, tableware, and imaginary fruit inspired by the new growth that appears after a collapse. Read a review of our exhibition by the Jersey City Times here.